Industrial market^sector

By applying Actuation Lab’s low-wear, corrosion resistant flow control technology in the industrial sector, there is significant potential to lower machinery operating costs, reduce energy consumption and ensure security of supply of food, pharmaceuticals, and raw materials.

  • Food and beverage manufacture
  • Production of steel
  • Production of pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical synthesis and production

Hardware for^Productivity

Large industrial facilities on average lose 323 production hours every year due to unplanned downtime at an average annual cost of £126 million per plant. Across industrial plants from firms in the Fortune Global 500, financial losses due to machine failures amount to 8% of annual revenues, or £407 billion. Aside from human error, worn and corroded components are the major causes of these mechanical failures.

By eliminating wear components and constructing the next generation of industrial hardware to have simplified structures, we can eliminate a significant proportion of downtime and industrial incidents.