Rethinking Industrial Hardware

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Our Purpose

8 billion tonnes of CO2 are emitted and £2.4 trillion spent every year overcoming friction in machines and remanufacturing worn out mechanisms. Actuation Lab is spearheading an effort to slash these figures, combining the latest innovations in materials, manufacturing and origami-inspired design to create low-wear hardware for a more efficient planet.

Innovation^for Longevity

Origami-inspired engineering is a proven method for creating efficient and simplified machines and mechanisms without wear components. With this tool, we are developing a pipeline of long-lasting, highly efficient hardware products to improve sustainability across all our mechanised industries.





Investing^in a better planet

By intelligently redesigning the world’s least efficient hardware components, it should be possible to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 3.14 billion tonnes and increase yearly industrial profits by the best part of £1 trillion. We are investing all of our engineering capabilities in this cause and welcome you to join us.

We are^Actuation Lab

Simon, Tom, and Michael have worked together as researchers for the last 10 years optimising and simplifying technology for applications spanning manufacturing, renewable energy, and marine sectors. In the summer of 2019, they consolidated their intellectual property and experience, and spun Actuation Lab out of the University of Bristol, with a revolutionary approach to designing industrial hardware.

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