Hydrogen sector

Safety and reliability are key business drivers in producing and distributing hydrogen, and in the safe capture and storage of CO2. Actuation Lab’s products assure our energy clients’ business, prevent lost product and emissions to atmosphere, and help drive down OPEX costs.

  • Zero leakage hydrogen flow control
  • Zero leakage CO2 flow control
  • Enhanced longevity and zero corrosion of offshore actuation


Existing gas supply and distribution infrastructure was never designed to meet the challenges of containing hydrogen. We are however headed toward a world that will rely on hydrogen as a clean energy source. Whilst natural gas leakage from gas flow control hardware to atmosphere is already a major environmental problem, if the same technology is used in a future hydrogen supply chain without modification, the rate of leakage will be significantly higher due to hydrogen being the smallest element. This potential hydrogen leakage represents a serious financial and environmental issue for our future energy networks, with its global warming potential being 11x that of CO2.

Actuation Lab is using its origami-inspired design methodology to create zero-emission flow control hardware, eliminating the wear components that currently cause massive gas leakage, for a sustainable net-zero energy supply system.