Marine and^Offshore

Maritime applications are extremely corrosive on existing technology used to manage bilge pumps, seawater flow and open drains typical on floating assets. Similar challenges face fixed offshore installations such as oil and gas production platforms. Our technology gives asset owners a reliable maintenance-free solution for fluid management, which is particularly important in maintaining operability and uptime as well as safety considerations.

  • Seawater flow management
  • Engine coolant flow control
  • Utilities flow management
  • HVAC system control
  • Oil and gas production and distribution

Hardware for^Extreme^Environments

The integration of energy systems for clean fuels and sequestration of carbon into the harsh marine environment of the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean will present a major technical challenge when it comes to managing corrosion cost effectively. The total annual cost of corrosion in the current oil and gas production industry is estimated to be £1.1 billion. If net-zero energy systems are to be cost effectively deployed, a similar cost must be avoided.

Actuation Lab is developing its 100% composite material Callimorph Actuator in a partnership with the world-renowned National Composites Centre to eradicate corrosion based failures of machines and mechanisms in these future offshore energy systems.