Hariye Beydilli joins Actuation Lab as Office Coordinator

Last month we welcomed our new Office Coordinator, Hariye Beydilli!

Hariye is joining the team after getting a taste of the corporate world in a law firm. Before that, she studied Sociology, a subject she is passionate about, at The University of Liverpool.

Hariye now applies her sociological knowledge to create a positive and productive work environment at Actuation Lab, and is dedicated to assisting us in our professional and environmental pursuits.

Part of her job involves taking over finance duties from our Administrator, Gaëlle Henriet, who is moving into a Project Manager role, as part of the company’s internal upskilling policy.

Gaëlle said, “We all loved Hariye’s attitude from day 1, she is undaunted by the tasks and challenges we ask her to juggle on a daily basis, and is showing great initiative. She’s a great addition to the team, and I am confident that my former workload is in safe hands!”

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Gaëlle handing Hariye the key to the company's finances!