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Actuation Lab is defining a new global standard for mechanical design to increase the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of every mechanised industry.

We are a group of modern-day inventors using origami-inspired mechanisms, the latest materials, and rapid manufacturing tools to rethink the world’s mechanical systems.
We aim to become the UK’s foremost innovator of industrial hardware, building a company that attracts and nurtures world-class talent.
We are proudly based in the tech hub of Bristol, in the southwest of the UK.

Some of our core values are thinking big, thinking differently, failing fast, supporting people’s growth and putting wellbeing (both mental and physical) first.

The company will double in size this year, and we are looking for passionate individuals who are prepared to grow with the company to join our team.

Although we have no specific job ad posted at the moment, we’re always looking to hire good people.
So whatever your background, if our company excites you, please do get in touch at

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