Actuation Lab kicks off hydrogen project with NMIS

Actuation Lab is proudly kicking off a project with the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland and the Net Zero Technology Centre that will get the hydrogen industry one step closer to emission-free flow control!

Traditional valves leak gas to atmosphere as they age and wear. Hydrogen leaks significantly faster than methane, and is a destructive greenhouse gas, 5x as potent as CO2. The Dragonfly Valve, which we are developing with the support of NMIS and the NZTC, eliminates the seals which leak on traditional valves, preventing these damaging emissions.

With our extensive research into hydrogen compatible materials and manufacturing techniques, we are developing the Dragonfly Valve to be THE hydrogen valve.

More updates and full press release to follow soon! Thanks  and Daniel McDaid for joining us in Aberdeen to kick things off!

Picture of our CTO Michael Dicker holding a Dragonfly Valve, with Rory Ingram and Daniel McDaid