Ryan Vickers-Rendall joins Actuation Lab as Mechanical Design Engineer

Another key hire to the Actuation Lab Engineering team – welcome Ryan Vickers-Rendall!

Here we have CEO Simon Bates handing over one of our fresh-off-the-press Actuation Lab lanyards in front of some Bristol & Bath Science Park foliage to mark the occasion.

Ryan is joining Actuation Lab as a Mechanical Design Engineer, bringing with him over a decade of experience in hands-on engineering in the defence industry. We are delighted that Ryan chose to take the leap into the start-up world and play a vital part in getting our flow control products to market.

CEO Simon Bates said, “It is clear that Ryan lives and breathes engineering, with a strong industrial background and a portfolio of seriously impressive mechanical home builds. We are really pleased to have another enthusiastic team player on board, and I’m excited to see what Ryan can achieve now he is being unleashed in a fast-paced R&D focussed environment.”

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CEO Simon Bates handing over an Actuation Lab lanyard to Ryan