This month we welcomed Mike Harris to the Actuation Lab team. We are excited to have him work with us to deliver Actuation Lab’s “project success”!

Having kicked off several development projects (some soon to be announced), and with our team growing significantly this year, we set out to find a people person and project manager extraordinaire to work with our team and our partners, to help us ensure we deliver.

We met Mike when he was an Innovation and Growth Specialist at Innovate UK Edge, and we decided he was the right person for the job. With a diverse project management background and a unique perspective on customer relationship management as founder of a service-led hospitality business, Mike also brings a deep-rooted passion for sustainability, in line with our values.

CEO Simon Bates said: “The award of our 4th government-funded project this year catalysed the decision to seek out an individual who could help ensure we keep our team and partners aligned, to meet our product development goals. I’m delighted that Mike has taken up the challenge in coming to work with us, and I am excited to see how he can support our transition from research and development into product commercialisation as our Projects and Partnerships Lead.”

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CEO Simon Bates hands over to Mike a white board on which a Gantt chart, titled "Actuation Lab 'Project Success'", has been drawn.