Joe Hailes joins Actuation Lab as Research & Development Engineer

Welcome Joe Hailes to our team of R&D Engineers!

As you may have seen from previous posts, we traditionally hand over a useful item to each new recruit to help them on their way. This manual set of callipers raised an eyebrow or two with our fresh engineers, who it turns out are firmly in the camp of “digital is best”, a debate that will long continue here between the younger and “more mature” members of the company…

That said, we don’t really think the true measure of a man is the callipers he selects, rather the company he keeps, and we are delighted that he chose to spend his days here with our crack team of hardware innovators.

CEO Simon Bates said, “Joe joins us with a 1st class education in Aerospace Engineering. However, what set him apart was that in the short space of time since graduating, he has amassed a clear track record of solving complex manufacturing problems and empathetic supply chain management. I’m excited to see him grow these skills and help us hit our development targets.”

Meet the rest of our growing team of innovators and advisors.

James handing Joe a set of callipers