James Irvin joins Actuation Lab as R&D Engineer

Welcome to the Actuation Lab team James Irvin!

To officially on-board James into the Research and Development team, the ceremonial hand over of the coveted Actuation Lab adjustable spanner was conducted by accomplished R&D Engineer Matthew Hollis.

Unlike said spanner, James promises to bring precision and accuracy to his role, focussing on the development of zero-emission actuation systems.

Our CEO Simon Bates said: “James is a highly accomplished graduate from the University of Bristol, and already has a proven track record in real-world product design in the medical sector. James clearly doesn’t fear approaching technically daunting tasks and is keen to be a key part of our start-up journey, so I’m excited to see what we can achieve with him in our team.”

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R&D Engineer Matt Hollis welcoming new recruit James Irvin by handing him an adjustable spanner