Introducing Business Development Associate Rob Boycott

It is about time we shared with the world the amazing support that the company has been receiving from the one and only Rob Boycott.

Rob is a standout figure in the global valve and actuator industry and has been enthusiastically supporting business development as part of our BEIS funded hydrogen hardware project. He brings to the table a relentless work ethic, an unrivalled passion for the industry, and over 35 years of experience working in sales and commercial development.

Oh, and when visiting us last Friday, he also bought a mighty haul of Greggs, ensuring optimum productivity!

We look forward to continuing to work with Rob, benefiting from his deep understanding of where the industries we are working in are moving, ensuring we build hardware fit for the future. We also look forward to working with him as a kind and supportive role model.

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From left to right: CEO Simon Bates, Business Development Associate Rob Boycott, CTO Michael Dicker and Head of R&D Tom Llewellyn-Jones